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Simple Academic Writing Guideline

Here you can find a professional guide on academic writing, which will help you properly organize your paper. Before you start creating your paper, you have to discuss the title of it with your professor. Remember that a title should have a clear focus as this will help you write a coherent, well-researched and structured academic paper. Firstly, you have to complete a draft of your paper and after that check the following:

An Introduction:

  • Does your introduction have clear and appropriate opening sentences? You should begin your introduction with such sentences that can capture attention of the reader. Opening sentences in academic papers do the following:
    • Present the importance of the topic
    • Mention previous researches done on the topic
    • State the main theme and aim of the paper.
  • Have you created a clear and strong thesis statement?

A thesis statement is usually provided at the end of introduction and presents the main idea of the paper.

  • Have you made a development plan that is clearly related to your thesis statement?

A development plan has a few sentences that indicate the sequence of material in the paper. This helps the reader understand in which order the ideas will be developed in the rest of your work.

A Main Body:

  • Have you developed your arguments in the main body in such a way you indicated in your development plan?
  • Have you provided a topic sentence in each paragraph? Have you included enough supporting points?
  • Have you provided proper examples and illustrations? Are they made to the point?
  • Does your paper have smooth transitions between paragraphs? Have you used relevant discourse markers for transitions?

Discourse markers are words or phrases that are used to show the flow of ideas in academic term papers. Such words as however, in addition, on the other hand, furthermore can be used as discourse markers.

  • Have you properly incorporated all materials used into your paper?

 A mixture of short quotations, paraphrase, and summary is an effective way of incorporating the material. Long quotes should be used only if they are vital to the argument. Remember that you should avoid using too many long quotes while writing academic papers.

  • Have you appropriately cited all sources throughout the paper and provided them in references?

A Conclusion:

  • Have you provided an effective conclusion?
    A good conclusion should have the following:

    • It must restate the thesis statement.
    • It must summarize the results of the research done.
    • It must provide some suggestions or offer some recommendations.

After your paper is completed, it is very important to proofread and edit it. Do not neglect this as your grade depends on grammar and format of your paper as well.

Editing of the Paper:

  • You should check if you have used correct tenses in your paper. Use the present tense in academic writing to mention ideas and authors’ opinions from other researches.
  • Do not forget about the subject-verb agreement.
  • Check if you have used clause structures correctly. Remember that but and although cannot be used together in one sentence.
  • Use only precise and academic vocabulary in your paper. Do not forget that first person should be avoided in the academic writing.
  • Check if you have carefully chosen nouns and pronouns.
  • Use adjectives and adverbs properly. Your language should be rather formal, therefore, avoid informal adjectives such as fantastic, nice, etc. Academic writing should be precise, thus avoid overgeneralizations and use adverbs such as usually, often, rarely, etc.
  • Avoid informal phrasal verbs in your academic paper; you should rather use formal verbs.
  • Always try to find as many synonyms as possible.
  • Do not forget about the sentence structure and find a balance between short and long sentences as well as between complex and simple ones.
  • Proofread your paper to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes and typos.
  • Always discuss with your professor the format of your paper. There are different styles and you should properly format your references, citations, title page, etc.

Adhere to the above mentioned academic writing checklist and you will create a premium quality academic paper.