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Help with Writing a College Application Essay

It is no secret that gaining entrance to a college or university becomes harder, with a high number of applicants competing to apply for increasingly limited enrolment places. A well-written college application essay might be decisive between rejection and admission. It resumes the information about your personal profile that no test scores or even extracurricular activities of yours can substitute. This is your firm announcement as to why and how you are exceptional and should propel from the role of the applicant to the role of the student at a given college or university of your choice.

Most of colleges and universities require a common application essay that has to be submitted along with your credentials and academic records. The application has to demonstrate your ability to express your ambitions of how you will benefit from becoming a student in a particular college, and also how, in return, you can contribute to the college (or any other education establishment of your choice). This two-fold task is not easy to complete as it reveals the true motivation of the student while trying to predict his behavior in the observable future.

How Can You Compose a Successful Application Essay?

Consider our “to-do list” for writing college application essays that is a kind of a road map that will set the course you to your dream station.

Think about the field / subject, in other words, what you want to be. What are the advantages and shortcomings? How have you learnt or why you have got interested in this particular field or program? Which are your biggest aspirations to apply?

Try to envision the college you pursue to enter. Collect the background information about the place: when it was founded, who, what, where and other questions alike about the place. Try to see how your personal aims fit with the goals of the given college and feel free to acknowledge them or try to find how you can mould them together in your application essay.

Elaborate about yourself: where you deem to find your sources of inspiration? What makes you a special person? Do you have some outstanding skills, such as leadership? What are the qualities that make you unique, what are your strengths and weaknesses? How the subject you want to study will help you attain your dream career path?

Some helpful hints and tips for eye-catching application essays:

Consider the college application essay topics as they will set the tune and tone of your essay. For example, you can concentrate your paper around the ideas such as: “Who you are”, or elaborate on “Why this college” essay or indulge in creative writing essay if it fits the idea of your studies.

Create a rough draft before you start writing your final paper.

Use concise and plain language, and make sure to articulate your ideas using the KISS principle: keep it simple and sensible.

Split your essay into small and coherent paragraphs, and arrive at the conclusion that expresses the main point you want to convey to your intended audience.

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