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Simple Guide on Essay Punctuation

Though essay punctuation is an essential thing for successful writing, most of students do not use punctuation marks correctly. Appropriate use of comma, apostrophe, and hyphen are the most common things where students make mistakes during writing:

The apostrophe:

  • The apostrophe should be used when you use a contraction. It is also important to know where it should be placed in the word. However, it should be mentioned that contractions are not commonly used in academic essay writing.

Wrong use of apostrophe: Lets’ take care of our summer vacation.
They could’nt come back to us.

Right use of apostrophe: Let’s take care of our summer vacation.
They couldn’t come back to us.

  • The apostrophe should also be used while forming the possessive case of nouns. Pay attention that it should be put before ‘s’ in singular nouns and after ‘s’ in plural nouns.

The comma:

  • The comma should be used to join clauses of a compound sentence. Remember that proper essay punctuation is quite essential, thus you will never get a high grade if the grammar is poor.
  • You should put a comma to separate information which is at the beginning or at the end of sentence.

Wrong use of comma: Many years ago he wanted to become a teacher.  

Right use of comma: Many years ago, he wanted to become a teacher.  

  • Use comma whenever you enumerate a list of items, for example three or four. Essay punctuation checker will be helpful when you don’t know how to properly use punctuation marks.
  • The comma is necessary for separating epithets that are used before noun which they describe. For example: It was a difficult, time-consuming job.
  •  You should put comma to single out appositions, parenthetic words, non-defining relative clauses, and constructions.

For example: Her brother, Professor Mathews, is a great doctor.

A freshman, who begins his academic career, can face a lot of difficulties.
And, last but not least, do not forget to deliver paper on time.

  • When you use quotes in you essay, you should put comma to set off quotations. For example: As someone once stated, “Life is a precious gift.”
  • In written US English, commas are placed to set off numbers of three digits as well as names of the days of the week, months, and years.

For example: The company’s total revenue is $4,000,000.
I will see my teacher on Tuesday, January, 5th, 2016.

A hyphen:

  • You should use hyphen with prefixes ex- and self-. For example: ex-girlfriend, self-educated.
  • Compound numbers and adjectives are also hyphenated. For instance: thirty-four, time-consuming.

Adhere to these simple essay punctuation rules and do not forget about essay editing in order to avoid some mistakes. Remember that proper punctuation is your key to successful paper. Do not neglect these tips and create a superior quality paper.