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Narrative Essay: Get Personal and Tell Your Story

If you want to sharpen your expression skills, narrative essay is a good starting point for you as the writer. The mode of telling a story from your own perspective allows you to reflect on your values, or compelling experience or a person from the past, or even associate the story with your present observations. A good narrative essay example is “My secret talents”, where you can loosen up and imagine you are telling a story to your friend. Make sure the narrative essay topic is up to date and is fascinating in the eyes of your readers. This little trick will help you win the attention of your audience.

We have compiled the list of the most commonly used narrative essay topics to help you get the idea of the story you may want to tell. Explore our list and choose the topic you like or come up with your own idea to write the best essay you have ever composed! Feel free to imagine you are telling the story before you write it down. Here is the list of the possible topics that you may use as your prompt: “An important discovery”, “A place where I would like to live”, “A change in my life”, “When I was just a little kid”, “My hero”, “Unusual vacation”, “Life-long best friend”, “If I were the President of the US”.

Since narrative essays rely on your personal experience, they are primarily written from the first person perspective. The narrative essay makes a point, and this point is typically articulated at the beginning of your essay. In addition, your story should be arranged as a road map, so the reader can associate his perceptions with traveling from point A to point B and then to C, for example. This hint would be useful for you to keep in mind since it is not easy to keep your focus on items A-B-C while reflecting on some experience from your real life. You will tend to elaborate facts, places, people, and you will find it is not that easy to pull all the bits and pieces together. Just remember that all the details should relate to the main point you pursue to make.

We have summarized some of the most useful hints that will help pull your ideas together and keep the focus when writing a narrative essay:

  1. Tell the story from a particular point of view. Feel free to use the first person perspective, i.e., “I”, my, etc. that invites your reader to the intimate discussion.
  2. Make your point clear at the beginning of your essay.
  3. All the details that you provide throughout the essay should serve to support the main point.
  4. Use vivid words and expressions, try to compel to your readers’ experiences and values, etc.
  5. Your essay should be interesting and lively for your reader. Try to engage your reader’s attention by providing some relevant details or observations. Sharing thoughts with the reader serves as an invitation into author’s world, thus making your story more personal and fascinating.

Being creative is not easy. Once you have learned to bring your point across to your reader, you may gain a friend or a pal. Among the many questions that you might want to ask yourself is how to start a narrative essay? You need to identify the topic, think why it is significant, draft your recollections and sketch the relevant details and examples and create the outline as the basic elements of your narrative. Need more help? Do not hesitate to use our hints, samples or buy your customized narrative essay here!