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Some Useful Tips on How to Write a Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose is a short paper that an entrant to college or university has to write in order to introduce himself to the admission board. This work must show your previous experiences, education, jobs positions you held, academic goals, and some events or factors that have impacted your choice of major or future profession.

Steps You Should Take while Writing a Statement of Purpose

  • Find out all necessary information about the educational establishment to which you want to be admitted, the program they offer, and the major you have chosen.
  • Create a list of things that have motivated you to enter this particular institution.
  • Think about your previous experiences, qualifications, skills and personal traits that can help you attain success in the profession you want to acquire.
  • Based on the college mission and principles, think about traits that the committee wants to see in the candidates. Then, try to integrate this with your own principles and present this in your statement of purpose.
  • Write a draft of 400-500 words.
  • In order to stick to statement of purpose format, write an introduction, including the program for which you want to apply. You should briefly explain why you selected your future profession as well as this particular college or university. Then you should expand this and provide solid reasons in the main body.
  • Make a conclusion, outlining your career goals and describing how this particular  institution can influence your development and future career.
  • After your statement of purpose is ready, proofread it several times in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Points You Should Consider While Creating Your Statement of Purpose

  • The goal of a statement of purpose is to show all your abilities and skills. Therefore, you have to be creative and unique. Do not use general phrases and clichés, it is better to write in your own words. You should personalize your statement of purpose in order to be different from other applicants. Your main goal is to do all possible so that admission board remember you.
  • If you wonder how to write a statement of purpose that will impress the commission, you should carefully read all the information for entrants on the institution’s website. Do not just look through the brochure as it is not enough to convince the admission board that you are the one they should admit.
  • Begin writing a statement of purpose at least 7 days before the deadline. You should have enough time to consider information you want to express in your paper. Make an outline and then create a draft. It is important to proofread you draft and revise it so that your paper will be of superior quality. After your statement of purpose is ready, re-read it within few days in order to look at it from a fresh, new perspective.
  • One more useful practice is to ask someone to read your statement of purpose. Another person can find some mistakes and advise how you can improve your statement of purpose.
  • Do not forget about statement of purpose length. There is no need to create too long paper as the admission officers read tons of such papers and they want to see clear purpose of the applicant.

 Making a good statement of purpose is your chance to enter the college of your dream. All you have to do is introduce yourself as you are and you will definitely achieve your academic success. Clearly state your goals and desires and the admission committee will definitely admit you to their institution.